Who misses game night with friends?

Well if you have not heard of this game yet, then you are first in the know!  It's called Quiplash!  Its a game of Wits and Wittiness! You can play it on your phone or tablet and no controllers needed.  You can play with friends and family.  There are created themes like holidays, bachelorette parties and even dog parties. You can use zoom on your computers to see everyone while playing.  If you have not seen it or want to get a glimpse of it, Jimmy Fallon played it on his AT HOME show last night (Monday April 13), Here is a link to watch the fun as they raised money for the Red Cross.  You can purchase your Game Night Package and proceeds of this will be donated to the Red Cross as well.

We would like to be part of your game night so if you plan one of these, send us details of your Game Night and we will sent a snack pack to each player to enjoy!  Get your party planned and use the contact link on our homepage to submit your entry.  

Have Fun and Happy Snacking!

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